Future Monetisation of Google My Business?

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Currently Google My Business is a free platform that lets you create and manage business listings in Google Maps. This is so when users do a local search they can see your business, where you’re located, how to contact you, and more. However, is this all about to change? Will there be a Google My Business cost for everyone to keep using this platform in future? Or will Google My Business fees simply provide added benefits to those who sign-up?

Google is now trialling an upgrade-based subscription model for Google My Business in the United States and Canada. For $50 a month, Google is offering select businesses a Google Guaranteed badge to help you “stand out with an upgraded Business Profile”.

What’s the Benefit of the Google Guaranteed Badge?

Available to businesses that pass Google’s screening and qualification process, the Google Guaranteed Badge can ensure customers (that came through your business via Google) are satisfied with the quality of your work. By signing up for the Local Services ads [1], you can receive leads from potential customers with the Google Guarantee. 

Developed for businesses in categories such as cleaning, carpentry, electrical works, flooring services, landscaping, plumbing and more, the Google Guarantee acts as an insurance policy (if the services are booked through Google Local Services). While not covering future projects, property damage, dissatisfaction with price or provider responsiveness, and cancellations, this guarantee allows customers to submit a claim (if dissatisfied) and receive a refund of the amount paid for the service.

Despite no public data being available on improved click-through rates (CTR) or engagement, with the presence of a Google Guaranteed Badge, you would expect that those listings gain more attention and therefore improved engagement in local search.

Google Guaranteed Badge subscription
Tom Waddington shared image via Twitter [2]

Where Did This Monetisation Idea Come From?

It wasn’t long ago that Google sent out surveys to local business owners asking about Google My Business pricing and if they would pay certain fees in exchange for various features within the platform. With multiple pricing options, Google asked for feedback within the survey as part of its market research.

Google My Business survey question
Google My Business Explores Charging Fees? By Search Engine Roundtable [3]

How to Prepare for This Monetisation?

While Google is testing and evaluating the success of this subscription model, it’s best to prepare for potential monetisation by maximising your current presence on this growing platform. By optimising every listing for service information, business updates, location photos and (most importantly) reviews, you can significantly improve your performance in local search. 

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