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Death of Universal Analytics + How to Adjust to GA4

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Google has stated that Universal Analytics will be going away as of July 1st 2023 – keep this link bookmarked for future updates.

UA Depreciation Banner
Universal Analytics Depreciation Banner

“Google Analytics 4 is our [Google’s] next-generation measurement solution, and it’s replacing Universal Analytics. On July 1, 2023, standard Universal Analytics properties will stop processing new hits. If you still rely on Universal Analytics, we recommend that you prepare to use Google Analytics 4 going forward.”

“After July 1, 2023, you’ll be able to access your previously processed data in your Universal Analytics property for at least six months. We know your data is important to you, and we strongly encourage you to export your historical reports during this time.”

There are a few ways to export data from your Universal Analytics property including CSV, Excel (XLSX), Google Sheets, PDF and TSV. However, at this stage, this exported data cannot be imported into Google Analytics 4.

How to Start Tracking with Google Analytics 4 (GA4)

If you haven’t already, we recommend creating a Google Analytics 4 property to run in parallel with your existing Universal Analytics property/properties. This will ensure you have historical data before Universal Analytics is no longer available.

Google Analytics 4 can be set up through your existing Google Analytics account, and by adding the Google Analytics: GA4 Configuration tag to your Google Tag Manager account.

GA4 Tag Configuration
Google Analytics: GA4 Tag Configuration in Google Tag Manager

How to Start Using Google Analytics 4

The best way to adjust to using Google Analytics 4 is to start exploring the reports and adopt GA4’s use of events for tracking user engagement. If you need assistance with setting up or adopting GA4, get in contact with the experts at Bliss.

GA4 Dashboard
Google Analytics 4 Dashboard

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