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Digital marketing has the power to accelerate the growth of many businesses, across many different industries. No longer is it just for those organisations that can afford it, but it is now a necessity for even small businesses to have a presence online to showcase products and services to customers. 

Bliss Agency is a web marketing agency, based in Melbourne, that is driven by the success of our clients. Working with businesses small and large, we always strive for the best return-on-investment for clients digital marketing campaigns. Read examples of our work and how we’ve made a difference to the success of our clients.

Services We Offer as a Web Marketing Company

We offer integrated digital marketing services such as search engine optimisation (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM / Google Ads / Bing Ads / etc.) and social media marketing (SMM / Facebook Ads / LinkedIn Ads / etc.). By delivering an appealing message to the target customers, at the right time, across multiple platforms, we can deliver the results you want – whether that’s phone calls, online enquiries, newsletter signups, product purchases, or whatever your goals are.

Service Areas

Although we specialize in web marketing in Melbourne, we’re experienced at delivering campaigns to areas around Australia and even internationally – depending on the client. We’ve worked on campaigns that target:

  • Hyper-local areas, being just a few select suburbs around Melbourne, 
  • Just select capital cities around Australia (e.g. Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane)
  • State-wide, 
  • National, 
  • New Zealand,
  • And more

Contact us to find out more about how we can help your business grow. And once we start, we’ll be a dedicated partner instead of just another web marketing firm.

Why We’re One of the Best Web Marketing Companies

We don’t rest when it comes to testing, evaluating and optimising our marketing campaigns. Instead of just repeating what we’ve done for other clients, we review, strategise and develop unique campaigns to suit each individual business – as no two businesses have the exact same product mix, customers and capabilities.

Read about how we’re continually testing new developments within the industry by exploring various news articles written by our team. Here you can find out:

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