Video Extensions Available in Microsoft Search Ads (Bing)

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Microsoft are rolling out an exciting new ‘Video Extension’ feature, which shows in thumbnail form next to ads in the SERPs.

According to Microsoft“this is a great way to provide enriching content to those searching for your offerings.”

Video Extension Example 1
Microsoft, 2021.

Available globally across Desktop (Mobile coming to Aus soon), the visual ads expand when clicked, revealing videos in a full-screen overlay, with accompanying Display text and-or Action text.

Both of these text options lead users through to your landing page.

Advertisers pay for the first click only, with all subsequent interactions from the same user free of charge.

Why does this matter?

Video extensions support Microsoft’s recent push for Multimedia Ads, further differentiating itself from Google who are yet to introduce an exact equivalent.

Visual ads are an exciting evolution in the SERPs, appealing to the eye and a good opportunity for increased engagement. 

They are designed to be used alongside other extensions, such as ‘Sitelinks’, adding greater opportunity for exposure to the mix.

Video Extension Example 2
Microsoft, 2021.

What do I need?

Video – MPEG-2, MP4, or MOV recommended, other file types are available.

Duration – Between 6 to 120 seconds.

Dimensions – 120×120 resolution is required, but 720×720 is recommended.

File Size – Must be less than 10GB, which makes life easy.

How to set up Video Extensions

  1. With your video ready, jump into Microsoft ads.
  2. ‘Ads and extensions’ on your left.
  3. ‘Extensions’ tab > ‘View: Video Extensions’ > ‘+ Create Ad Extension’.
  4. ‘+ Add New Video Extension’ > Upload your file & fill out each field.

Key tips –

Using captions on your video is recommended.

Video content should be unique and complementary, rather than repeating what can be seen in the ad text.

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