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If you’re looking to build market awareness and broaden your presence in search, improve online sales and conversion rates, or want to drive more leads into your business, Bliss Agency can deliver. We’re driven by the results of our campaigns, hence each of our SEO consultants in Melbourne preaches full transparency with knowledge and education to you to ensure you understand the impact.

Driven by our 3 pillars of success – Relationships, Transparency & Results – we can be your premier online SEO company who offer the best SEO services for your KPIs. Instead of getting tied up in any particular SEO service online, we view your digital activities holistically and prioritise strategies in accordance with your business goals.

Backed by Google, as a Certified Premier Partner, we have access to dedicated Google resources for strategic planning, in-depth research and industry insights that help us deliver excellence in digital marketing.

Learn more about how we start an SEO strategy, and why you should choose Bliss as your affordable SEO consultant. 

About our SEO Services in Melbourne

Based in Docklands, our specialists have a deep understanding of digital marketing in Australia. Covering a range of marketing SEO services, from content creation and website optimisation to improving conversion tracking and technical foundation, we can help your business grow.

But where do we start for an SEO strategy? Conducting a thorough analysis of your current position and capabilities, we review all elements within the Periodic Table of SEO Factors and more! Based on this analysis, our specialists prioritise actions to maximise your growth.

Our portfolio of work showcases our expertise in helping companies and organisations grow online and achieve a great return-on-investment. Our team of experts have combined decades of experience and knowledge resulting in industry-leading success, which has earnt us a Google Premier Partner status – only obtained by a select few agencies.

Why Engage with an SEO Expert Company?

SEO is the foundation of successful, long-term digital marketing. No matter how good your Google Ads campaign or Facebook marketing is if users land on a poorly optimised website or struggle to understand what you’re offering (due to content issues) you’re fighting an uphill battle. 

As we hold a Google Premier Partner status, we have Google certified SEO experts who have access to unrivalled resources and a Google support team. With the best tools in the industry, we can develop custom strategies to suit your business needs and the markets you play in.

Why Trust Bliss as Your SEO Expert Agency?

With proven strategies to improve SEO performance and long-term organic growth, we have a portfolio of successful case studies to show for it. Instead of getting a small bump in traffic, we focus on improving your positioning in search, website experience, technical performance, and more so that you see an impact on business growth.

Don’t be fooled by agencies claiming they can guarantee ranking 1st for a particular keyword within a particular timeframe, or that with their linking strategy they can increase traffic by 100%. There are no shortcuts in SEO, as it requires a comprehensive strategy and time to deliver lasting success.

We have Advanced Analytical Skills

As a certified Google Premier Partner, we have unique access to various Google resources, online tools and Google employees to help us drive further growth for our clients. Utilising all these assets, we can pinpoint your market position and outline opportunities.

Upon analysing your position, we can develop a unique SEO strategy to exceed your expectations – while measuring, analysing and reporting on progress to ensure you see the value in SEO and the impact it has on growth.

We use both Fundamental and Advanced SEO Strategies

As you may know, SEO is more than just obtaining backlinks to your website. Due to advanced search engine algorithms, there are several fundamental and advanced elements that contribute to success. 

Fundamental elements such as improving user experience with SEO-friendly pop-ups and optimising Google My Business listings are a good starting point. 

However, advanced elements such as your website redirects and page speed can also be the difference between ranking on page 2 or 1st in search engine results.

Emerging Platforms the Best SEO Consultants Should Consider

You may have heard an SEO consultant say “we guarantee results with our particular strategy”, but the truth is that there’s no ‘golden ticket’. The best SEO results come from careful consideration of your marketing position, the audience you’re targeting, and how/when/where you reach them. Therefore there cannot always be just 1 strategy that fits all businesses, and the best SEO consultants will consider multiple platforms before developing a strategy.

Reviewing the top SEO trends in 2020 and 2021, emerging and growing platforms to consider are:

  • Voice Search, utilising question-based content, FAQs and technical input
  • Maps for Services Near Me, such as Google My Business and Bing Places
  • Video, whether it’s on YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook and even website embedded videos
  • Content, being text-based articles for search and social media

Interested in hearing more about how we can assess the position of your business and deliver the best results? Contact the best online SEO company via email or phone to chat with our consultants.

Contact Us About Digital Marketing Services

Staying abreast with changes to the industry and user behaviour, we offer the full suite of digital marketing services including Social Media Marketing, Google Ads, YouTube advertising, and more (in addition to online marketing SEO services). 

Utilising the appropriate channels for your customer base, we focus on your business goal whether it’s driving leads, generating online sales or building market awareness.

Talk to us today for more information and discover how we can be more than just the best SEO services company for you!

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