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Online marketing is no longer a luxury for many businesses as digital communication becomes more prevalent. Additionally, as working from home is becoming increasingly popular (by choice or not), people are increasingly using search engines for a wide variety of needs. Whether you’re a retailer needing an online store to co-exist with your bricks and mortar shop, a wholesaler looking to connect with suitable businesses, or a service provider wanting to expand your market – online marketing is now a necessity. However, it sounds easier than it is.

As a leading online marketing services company, Bliss Agency can develop an integrated strategy across multiple digital platforms or a deeply targeted and specific campaign – depending on your KPIs. We have expertise across SEO (search engine optimisation), SEM (search engine marketing), SMM (social media marketing), content creation, website optimisation, and more. Focused on results, client relationships and transparency, we want to work with you as your online marketing company in Melbourne to help your business grow.

Elevate the performance of your business with an online marketing agency that’s driven by your bottom line! We are a premier online marketing agency in Melbourne that can drive leads, improve online sales and conversion rates, and/or build market awareness with transparent results and a trusting partnership. 

Keep reading to find out more about our marketing solutions.

What to Consider for Online Marketing in Melbourne

  1. Understand the Market

Before jumping into any strategy, an online marketing firm should assess your position within the market, your customers and your potential. Businesses can often get caught up in trying to be the ‘top-dog’ while there are lucrative segments of the market that are put aside. By auditing any existing campaigns and competition, we can then lay the foundation for a successful strategy. 

  1. Leverage Available Tools

By understanding your customer, we can then choose the tools and platforms that will be most successful in delivering the right message at the right time. This will ensure that your online marketing services in Melbourne are going towards a solid ROI.

  1. Report on Performance & Adjust for Future

Analysing performance and developing meaningful insights is the final step but also the most difficult. As your online marketing company in Melbourne, we can provide detailed or simplified reports to ensure you understand the value in the strategy. With live dashboards, ongoing optimisation activities and quarterly business reviews, we continuously assess the success of our campaigns and tweak for further success in future.

Marketing Platforms We Work With

To ensure we deliver the best results to clients, we consider all the online marketing platforms and select those that will have the greatest impact. These platforms include:

  • Google Ads, including search ads, display ads, remarketing and more
  • Facebook Ads, such as dynamic product ads, video, photo and others
  • Maps, with Google My Business and Bing Places
  • SEO, for on-page users and search engine optimisation

Read case studies on several of our clients to see how we’ve helped them grow online.

Digital Marketing for Small Business

Acutely aware of the budget restrictions and need for a solid return on investment, we’ve been working with small businesses for many years and an extensive portfolio of digital marketing success for these clients. As one of the best online marketing companies for small business, we are driven by the bottom line performance of campaigns and therefore only allocate your spend to where you will get the highest rate of return.

We develop unique strategies for each client, as no two are alike. Focusing on a trusting and transparent relationship, as well as high-end results, we’re certain we can change your perspective of what online marketing companies for small business can achieve. Find out where to start for your small business by contacting us today for a chat.

The Ever-Changing Digital Landscape

Staying up-to-date with the latest changes, new features, evolving platforms, and more, the Bliss team can guide you on the ever-changing digital landscape. Read our blog of insightful articles about the top trends, significant updates, and other helpful resources. 

Talk to Us to Learn More

Although our office is located in Melbourne, if you’re looking for an online marketing agency near me, we can still assist businesses across Australia and New Zealand. 

Get in touch with our team for an online consultation and hear how we can help your business grow!

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