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New Dynamic Features Added To Google’s Responsive Search Ads

If there’s one thing Digital Marketers love, it’s insights. But there’s one thing we love even more… Automation!

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Google are continually looking for new ways to improve their Responsive Search Ads, and have recently made announcements on new dynamic features they are rolling out.

What are Responsive Search Ads?

Responsive Search Ads, or RSAs, is an ad format that allows advertisers to provide a number of ad assets within one ad (up to 15 headlines and 4 descriptions), and through machine learning, Google will deliver the most relevant messages to potential customers. Over time, Google tests different combinations of assets, to learn which asset combinations perform best, in order to provide the most relevant ad.

Should I be using Responsive Search Ads?

If you’ve always shied away from, or avoided using Responsive Search Ads in the past, due to lower functionality or capabilities compared to Expanded Text Ads, now might be the time to start.
For starters, RSAs have proven higher CTRs and conversion rates, as well as increased impressions and clicks.
In fact, according to Google, Responsive Search Ads often see up to 10% more clicks and conversions, compared to standard search ads, and higher CTRs of up to 5-15%. And while all advertisers might not see improvements like these, increases such as these are common across advertisers.

And now with these new dynamic features, advertisers are being given more options with their RSAs.

Why should I start now?

RSAs have suffered without standard text functionality since launch. But this is starting to change, with Google’s latest announcements.

Now advertisers can include countdown customisers within their ads, to help create a sense of urgency around sales or upcoming events. Similar to ETAs, this is done by typing in the {COUNTDOWN syntax, and setting the end date. You will also be prompted to set the number of days before the countdown end date the countdown will start, and if the ad should reflect the account’s time zone or the ad viewer’s time zone.

countdown customiser
Countdown Customiser preview in Google Ads

Another new feature Google has launched for RSAs is location extension insertion, which allows the advertiser to include the current location or interested location (city, state or country), of the potential customer in the ad. Just like countdown customisers, this is done by inserting the {LOCATION syntax, and selecting city, state or country from the dropdown.

location extension insertion
Location Extension Insertion preview in Google Ads

Google is also rolling out asset recommendations for RSAs, where a dropdown of suggested copy to test is provided for you.

For advertisers who heavily rely on dynamic functions such as countdown customisers and location insertion in their ads, this is surely great news, allowing them to include this functionality in their RSAs, while also giving them the ability to experiment and test different ad assets.

For more information, you can read Google’s announcement here.

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