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If utilised properly, Facebook advertising can be a very cost-effective platform for small and large businesses to increase growth online and offline. However, like other forms of online marketing, unless you have the time and experience to create a sound strategy, track performance and continuously optimise your campaigns, your budget can be wasted.

Bliss Agency is, among other things, an industry-leading Facebook Ad agency. We manage successful Facebook campaigns for clients such as Save the Children Australia, Carl’s Jr Australia, Billi Australia, and more. Review our work to see why we’re one of the top Facebook Ad agencies.

Why choose us as your Facebook Ad management agency?

We stay on top of New Facebook Advertising Opportunities

By keeping up-to-date with new features and opportunities within Facebook’s advertising platform, we ensure our clients are getting the best possible return on investment. Examples include:

We focus on Relationships and Results

We’re not in the business of churning and burning through clients and focusing on the next one that enquires. Each client that we partner with becomes an extension of us as we look to grow their business as it grows us. With transparent reporting and open discussions about what worked and what didn’t, we are truly focused on client relationships and results.

Get to know the team by browsing our profiles. Then contact us for a chat about your Facebook advertising, or digital marketing in general, and hear more about how we can help.

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