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Detailed in the top SEO trends of 2020, content marketing is a significantly important factor for search rankings – whether it’s videos or articles. As a premier content marketing agency in Melbourne, Bliss Agency has experience in developing, writing, and implementing successful content strategies for numerous clients in various industries.

For over 10 years, Bliss has been the chosen content marketing agency for b2b and b2c businesses in Australia and New Zealand. Writing content for car repair services, product manufacturing, fast-moving consumer goods, charities and non-government organisations, and more – we have the experience to quickly understand the terminology of your business and develop insightful content for your target audience.

We are experts at developing digital marketing content that ranks highly, generates website traffic, leads to conversions and supports other strategies. As a leading digital agency, being one of the best content marketing companies is just one facet of our integrated approach. We provide award-winning services across search engine marketing (e.g. Google Ads), social media marketing (e.g. Facebook Ads), and search engine optimisation (including content marketing).

Why Invest in Content Marketing?

Included as part of an ongoing SEO strategy, content marketing can drive more leads into your business, it can improve online sales and conversion rates, as well as build brand awareness through the search landscape. As one of Australia’s leading SEO content marketing agencies, we can work with you to prioritise topics and create content to meet your key performance indicator. 

By becoming the b2c or b2b content marketing agency for clients, we have generated thousands of new website visitors and conversions. By answering user queries with insightful content, you can improve your E-A-T (expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness) within the market and in the eyes of Google – as this is becoming an increasingly important factor.

Why Choose Bliss as Your Content Marketing Company?

We offer a full-service content marketing strategy, which includes:

  • Market research – assessing how customers are searching for your related products and services and what information they need for a purchase decision
  • Development – using proven methods to create content that performs across multiple search platforms
  • Implementation – ensuring technical fundamentals are included to maximise success
  • Optimisation – ongoing reviews and adjustments to ensure long-term success

Work with you at each step of the process, we ensure copy matches your brand tone of voice and the correct terminology is used for your industry. If you have internal copywriting capabilities, we are happy to work with your team to create a custom content marketing strategy.

Don’t just take our word for it, see the results of our work by reading case studies on our clients. Examples of our successful content strategies include:

  • Regis Aged Care – ranking on page 1 of Google search results for more than 350 intent-based keywords, with a 20% year-on-year organic channel growth for 3 years running
  • Tint a Car – ranking on page 1 for over 380 intent-based keywords, resulting in 90% of all business leads (in combination with our integrated SEM strategy)
  • Save the Children Australia – ranking on page 1 for over 450 intent-based keywords, resulting in over 70% of online charity donations (in combination with our integrated SEM strategy)

Contact Us to Learn More

Find out how content marketing agency services can have a lasting impact on your business by talking to our team today.  And hear how we can help your business grow online with our successful content marketing strategies and integrated approach.

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