Add a COVID-19 Banner to Your Website

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In case you missed it, Google Optimize have released a new feature for you to quickly update your website to inform your audience of any changes to your business operations during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Quickly add a message about your opening hours, remote working situation or alternative contact details within an informational banner at the top of your website. 

You can even set an end-date for this banner, so you don’t need to set a reminder to remove it once your business operations return to normal. 

Read more about the feature here:

How Do I Install Google Optimize?

To add Optimize to your website, you will need:

  1. Google Analytics setup on your website
  2. An Optimize account – free to create here: 
  3. Edit access to your website HTML or Google Tag Manager to add the Optimize code snippet
  4. The Google Optimize Chrome extension installed

Within your Optimize account, follow the simple setup instructions – see here for more information:

Then begin editing your banner to include the message you want!

For assistance, contact the Bliss team.

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