PPC Dashboard showing trend lines

3 Reasons To Automate Google Shopping Insights Using Data Studio

If there’s one thing Digital Marketers love, it’s insights. But there’s one thing we love even more… Automation!

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If there’s one thing Digital Marketers love, it’s insights. But there’s one thing we love even more… Automation! What’s that? A new way to mix the two? Detailed product insights fed directly into my Data Studio report, you say? Count me in!

Marketers face a constant battle, measuring fast changing product insights and adapting strategies on the go while keeping our client’s KPI’s front of mind. Thankfully, our friends at Search Engine Land have shared a new way to integrate detailed product data from your Google Shopping Ads Campaign with an easy to digest Data Studio Dashboard. More about Google shopping ads.

PPC Dashboard showing trend lines
Example of data visualisation

The Key PPC Benefits

  1. Save Time: Automate the manual creation of product insights.
  2. Save Money: Identify under-performing products faster and adjust your advertising.
  3. Make Better Decisions: Include industry popularity of products when assessing stock and advertising decisions.

Search Engine Land have provided hours of coding completely FREE plus the report templates to go with it. Below are some examples of what you can achieve but in the end, the only limit to your insights is your imagination!

  • Best sellers report
  • Profitability trends
  • Sales volume by product/category

Some of the actionable improvements include:

  • Identify Opportunities to Increase Market Share
  • Identify Products with High Potential

These reports provide valuable insights into your retail marketing, helping to optimise your strategies and improve your return on investment. By presenting data in visually appealing and easy to digest formats, you also save valuable time that might be better spent on testing and implementation of new ideas.

So, How Do We Do It?

There is a bit of technical know-how involved and you will need to build a custom database using Google API’s but once implemented, the benefits are substantial and the investment beyond worthwhile. Check out the full article. It provides you with everything you need to get started.

Alternatively, get in touch with Bliss for a consultation and hear how we can help your business grow!

[1] How to create shopping insight reports

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