Found Space

Digital Strategy | SEO | Paid Search | Paid Social

Found—Space is Australia’s leading hormetic tech company with a range of innovative and beautifully designed Infrared Saunas and Ice Baths. Traffic to the company’s website through online searches and social media is essential to the company’s business.


With the limited number of keywords for infrared saunas, the competition for PPC is aggressive and expensive. The challenge was to increase the ranking and consideration of Found—Space without overpaying for keywords.

Our Solution

  • Content creation – keyword-rich blog articles posted to the website to increase organic traffic.
  • Enhance UX 
  • Conversion Rate Optimisation strategies


  • 221% growth in Organic Sessions (Q1 2023 v Q1 2022)
  • 11% increase in Organic Conversions (Q1 2023 v Q1 2022)
  • Average Position of 9th for over 21,000 unique keywords with a click-through rate of over 2.0%